Web site won't launch from published course

I have a PowerPoint file with a Web Object Placeholder. The URL works just fine to launch the Web site from the file when I publish and preview it, however, when it's loaded into our TMS, the Web site will not launch. I haven't been able to determine if this is an issue with Articulate/PowerPoint or the TMS. If it will not work, would it be better to create a live hyperlink on that page for people to click on instead of expecting it to automatically launch the Web site?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Jolie!

Have you had a chance to check out our article on troubleshooting Articulate/LMS issues? In it, you'll find a section on running your content through SCORM Cloud. I'd recommend having a look at that to pinpoint the issue, and then also discuss this with your LMS team if you haven't already. Hope that's helpful!

Jolie Davis

Hi, Peter -

Thank you! I hadn't found that link; thanks for pointing it out. We publish everything for SCORM 1.2, and everything else within the course works. It's just a link to an external Web site that doesn't open when the course is loaded into the TMS. So I'll circle back to our admins.