Weird navigation issue in Presenter '13

I'm seeing a weird navigation bug in my presenter file. Even though each slide is set up so that prev and next go to the previous and next pages, one slide insists on jumping forward several slides whenever I click next.

Any ideas? I attach the published files and the ppt file. The slide "Section 2 - My reports..." jumps to an Engage interactivity later in the ppt, even though in the slide properties it's set to jump to the next slide.


Andy Dunn

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrew!

I can see what you are reporting in your output.

You may find that the Prev and/or Next buttons in Articulate Presenter jump to the wrong slides if the following conditions are true:
*  The course includes more than one Articulate Engage interaction.
*  Two or more interactions were created from the same project file using "Save As."
This issue was corrected in Update 2 for Presenter. See this article for more information and for a link to download Update 2.