Weird things since upgrading to PP 2010 - eg synching probs

Nov 10, 2011

Hi there,

I've looked through the forums and I can't find this issue:

I upgraded to PP2010 a couple of weeks ago, and am having issues with a couple of things, mainly with synching shapes with text. (Presenter 9 by the way)

The PP doc was originally created in 2007, then I have continued to edit in 2010.

I've got a speech bubble shape with the text inserted into it, that I animate to fade in.

Looks OK when I animate, looks OK when I preview the single slide, but when I preview the enitre course the speech bubble shape doesn;t animate in - as soon as the slide appears there's that pesky shape just sitting there. A second later, the text fades in over the top.

I've resolved it by removing the text from the shape, and just putting the text in a text box over the top and grouping it.

But - pretty annoying. Has anyone else had this issue or others when working in a 2007 / 2010 presentation?

I generally create new PP presentations by doing a 'save as' from existing files - but as the original docs were 2007 I fear this may cause me ongoing issues - guess i need to go ahead and recreate my  PP templates etc from scratch in 2010?


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Sarah Tinson

Hi Peter,

Nothing fancy - just fade in.

I use it a lot, and have had no probs in presentations created solely in 2007 - but in this one presentation I'm doing now it's an issue.

I thought putting a text box separately over the bubble had worked - fine when I previewed the enitre presentation, but as soon as I published it it stopped working.

I'll  upload something shortly for you to look at - appreciate your help.



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