Weird transition issue


I have noticed something weird w.r.t the Uncover transition. I have applied Uncover transition in some slides. When I preview the slide, I don't see the transition effect. The same even in the published output.

What is weird is the same course when was created with 4:3 dimension, the transitions worked perfectly, but when I changed the course dimension to 16:9 (as the reqmnt changed now), the uncover transition does not work.

I work on Power Point 2013, Studio 360.

Please help.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sajna,

Thanks so much for bringing this up, and I'm sorry it's been causing headaches for you. In my testing, I found that the uncover transition doesn't work at all in Presenter 360 HTML5, but it does work correctly in Flash. 

You can have a look at my testing here. 

I'm going to share this with my team so we can begin looking at next steps. As soon as I get more information, I'll let you know. Thanks again for making us aware of this!

Sajna Thomas

Hi Alyssa,

Hey, when the course was published on Oct 3, the uncover did work for html5 but now it isn't. I have all the published output where it works in html5. 

Here is a published link:

In the link, the very second slide has uncover effect...It is provided only for select can check it.

After Oct 3 the Uncover effect stopped working...perhaps in some updates something must have gone wrong...