Weirdo popup question

To clarify, I'm not the weirdo...this tooltip is.

The red bubble text pops up when the user mouses over that navigation link but none of the other links do the same.  Any idea why this is the only link that has a tooltip? And to muddy the waters, I've seen the same thing happen when running from the same build, but when it happened to me, it was a different link. Same behavior, different link.

Since it's not actually a bad behavior, we're thinking about just leaving it as a WON'T FIX, but I sure do wonder what's causing it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Annie Jean

I Jeb,

the problem is the lenght of the slide title. You may have extra space or something else making it too long.

If you look in the "Other" section of the following page and go to slide titles, you should have the information needed.

Hope it helps!

Happy new year!