What files/folders should I move to a new laptop?

I have a new Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 and PPT 2010. I uninstalled Articulate on my old machine and installed it on this new one. I saved all my folders with my courses (PPTs and PPTAs) and moved those to my new machine. I discovered the conflict with the pre-installed Corel program on Lenovos and disabled it. 

What ELSE do I need to do to be sure that my Articulate experience will be fully replicated on my new laptop? What settings do I need to change? Updates to download? Files and data to also move over to my new machine?

Sorry if there is already a tutorial on this, but I searched for 30 minutes and didn't find one. Only found how to deactivate on one machine and activate on another (which should have included the note that you don't need to deactivate because your license allows you to run it on two machines). 

Thanks very much for your help.

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