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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karen, and welcome! Can you say a little bit more about what you mean by transition? Are you wanting to create a more continuous feel for learners when they move from a content slide into an Engage interaction? If so, some designers find it helpful to use a transparent background on their Engage interactions, and leverage their PowerPoint master slide behind it. Maybe that would help in your case too? Here's a bit more about how to do that.

Karen Mulvey

Hi Jeanette,

I mean more that when I am using interactions, they feel disjointed from the rest of the slides. So maybe this suggestion will help. A lot of what we do here is "on the fly" so I don't have the luxury of using a designer.

Are there webinars for Engage and articulate that I can take? We just got the software but the class in Boston isn't until June.



Jeanette Brooks

I hear you. Depending on your course design, sometimes stylistically the Engage interactions can feel like they're separate from the course. Sometimes it helps to create your course's visual design to fit more with the Engage "look." Here's a PowerPoint template in the downloads area you could try - it might help you with that.

As far as learning a little more about Engage before the June session, one thing you might want to do is work your way through the Engage tutorials here on E-Learning Heroes and the product overview tutorials on this page. And of course certainly feel free to post any questions you have here, and we can help you out!

Also, if you have a course you're working on where you're having a tough time figuring out how to incorporate an interaction without making it look or feel disjointed, maybe you could post a screenshot or two here, and we could help you brainstorm ideas for how to make things feel more consistent or intuitive.

Karen Mulvey

Hi Jeanette,
Thanks for your help.

I am in finance. I will upload a fake presentation soon (most of the stuff we do is proprietary so I'd have to come up with a "play version"). But they have strict corporate guidelines on colors and templates so we have to work within a certain set of perameters.

I appreciate your help very much!

Robert Kennedy


In addition to the tutorials, you might consider going with a transparent player so that your slide master can show through.  This might make your "transitions" a bit more seamless.  Here's the most superb and awesome Jeanette's screenr on that matter: https://player.vimeo.com/video/145575333.