What the heck... can't copy or move published course.

Hi all,

Can't figure this one out...  when I go to copy or move a published course folder I get a weird error message about an mp3 file being in use. So can't copy folder.

If I zip it first, I can copy/move it but then upon extraction it gives the following error message:

Now the really weird part...  there are no sounds, mp3 or otherwise in the course.

What the heck?

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Bob S

Thanks Dwayne and Justin.  

At least now I know why a sound file is involved at all (default) and I have an avenue to pursue (Articulate's zip tool vs windows).

By the way, I know I can accomplish the move with the "package" feature, but for someone else to view the course they would have to be able to republish all the modules. So I hope I get this figured out!

Justin Wilcox

If you publish for web, there is actually a built in zip feature at the end of the publishing wizard which would allow you to share a published presentation. If you are planning on hosting your content online, I would consider uploading the content to a web server and sharing a link. It's easier to share a link than distribute files.

Bob S

Yeah, I would very much love to share a link. It's the right way to go. Unfortunately the stakeholders are insisting on "having" the published output on the shared drive for review and/or sign-off by regulators before hand.

I am going to play with it some more and see if some combination of publishing format and zipping will solve the issue. Just odd that a sound file is causing the mess.