what to do with lots of basic bullet points (without a description

I am creating a course that has a lot of bullet points- often 17 in one section. They are already reduced down to 2-3 words, and there is no description with them. The class is about acquisition and requisitions, and sometimes the bullet points are documents that the learner needs to know the name of or information they need.

I use Engage when I can, and I'm not going to find 17 images for the 17 bullet points. Any other ideas of what to do? I am using the highlighting, circling words, animating, but am stuck as to what else creative I can do. When there isn't a description, Engage interactions don't really fit.

I appreciate all the help I get on her. I'm a newbie and trying to learn as fast as I can!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Julie! Can you say a little more about how you want learners to use the bulleted items? Are the bullets basically just reference lists? What skill or action do you want people to learn by viewing the bullets? Maybe you could just keep the bullets as  static lists, but treat them more as a job aid, and use your course to focus on the skill or action you want learners to demonstrate. You could give learners an activity where they have to use the bulleted list to look stuff up and fill out their requisition... or create a scenario that shows someone using the bulleted list to complete a task or whatnot.