Where are my custom Color Schemes and Player Templates?

Feb 04, 2011

I can locate some, but not all, of my custom schemes and templates. I want to make a backup copy of these folders, to prevent having to recreate all my custom templates in case my computer gets smashed by a Mack truck. I see files in both the Color Schemes and Templates folders in the Articulate.

In Program Files (x86)/Articulate/Presenter/templates,  I see 2 out of 3 custom templates; one is missing. This one IS present in the drop-down within Articulate.

The same is true for Program Files (x86)/Articulate/Presenter/color schemes, I see only 3 of 9 custom schemes. All 9 are present in the drop-down within Articulate.

Am I saving them incorrectly, or something else?

Thanks for your help.

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David Anderson

Hi Jill -

It looks like you're looking in the right places.  Is it possible you saved your colors or templates outside of the default locations?

Since you are able to view a missing one in the drop down menu, can you try re-saving it and see where it takes you? It should show you the current location. From there you can either change locations or note the location and add it to your default folders.


The default location for player templates in Windows XP is 

  • C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates.

The default location for player templates in Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • is C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates.


The default location for color schemes is 

  • C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\color schemes.

The default location for color schemes in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is 

  • C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\color schemes.

Here's the official technote on Color Schemes and Player Templates locations:

Kristi Nokken

I'm finding that only one of my templates is saved in the default location.  I tried going in and re-saving as David suggested, but that automatically saves the template without ever giving me the option of seeing the path of what it's saving it (which makes me wonder how I've saved in anything other than the default folder if I don't have the ability to choose).  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I'd like to be able to back-up and share these templates with others.

Thanks so much!


Kristi Nokken

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reference.  I had found that article earlier and was able to navigate to where my Articulate templates SHOULD BE saved.  However, there was only one of the 15 customized templates that I designed saved in there.  So, I'm trying to find where the other 14 templates are saved so I can make back-up copies of them.  I can see all of the templates when I view templates from the Articulate menu in PowerPoint, but I can't find where the actual files for these templates are saved.  Any additional ideas for me?

thanks for your help!


Kristi Nokken

PERFECT!  I found them.  Thanks so much!

So here's a clarifying question:  when someone gives me the .xml file with a Articulate template that they designed should I save it in the default location (C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates) even though I'm on Vista?  Or should I save it in the Vista path (C:\Users\knokken\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates)?

Again, many thanks!


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