Where's My Narration?

I'm a total Newbie, so please bear with me.  I developed a PowerPoint slide and added animations as usual.  Then I went into Articulate and Record Narration where I recorded the narration and added annotations.  When I previewed it, it worked perfectly and I saved the file and went back into Presenter.  Now I tried to preview three slides to see how it worked together.  What I got was my original PowerPoint slide with no narration or annotations.  What did I do wrong?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Melanie, welcome to Heroes!

Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. If you're having issues recording using Articulate -> Record Narration, please follow these steps to diagnose the issue.

If the steps outlined do not resolve your issue, please let us know if the issue only occurs with a specific presentation or if you are unable to record any presentation. Thanks, and welcome again