Which is better? Studio or Storyline?

May 13, 2014

Rather than get into why i am asking this question i'm going to just ask.... Which do you think is better and easier to use studio 13 or storyline and why?

We have courses built in articulate 09 and articulate 13...

please share your opinions!

thank you!

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Jo Morrissey

Hello Kevin,

I'm not professing to be an expert, but here's my humble opinion.....

I've used both Studio 13 and Storyline, and for me Storyline would be my pick. It's interactions are seamless, easy to create, and more flexible, with more options to build interactivity.  You can create similar(ish) interactions with Studio, but they take longer to develop and the process just feels a bit more cumbersome...you can quickly get spoiled by Storyline's ease of use. 

Most of the original material I work with is ppt based, so you would think that Studio would be the easy option, enabling you to transfer it straight into Presenter 13. With Storyline, you build from scratch.  However 99% of the ppt slides I receive need to be completely re-built, so it still ends up quicker to build courses in Storyline and end up with a really professional product.

Also, the current hints/tips/examples you see these days on awesome forums like this are predominantly for Storyline.... this really helps when looking for inspiration!

Saying that, the custom animations you can build in Powerpoint and run using Presenter 13 are sorely lacking in Storyline. That's really the only thing I miss when working in Storyline.

If your current courses are in '09 and '13, then I believe you would have to stay with the Studio suite to be able to modify/update them - I don't think you can switch them into Storyline.

If given the choice, I wouldn't hesitate to opt for Storyline any day.  But Studio 13 still produces an amazing product, so it's definitely not a chore to have to use it, if Storyline's not an option.

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