white bands on title page

I've got a pptx that works just fine in presentation and show modes.I am using a colored background - not a theme or template.

When I compile it in Articulate, I get a very thin, maybe 1/16" white band on the right margin, and another that is thicker on the left. I tried applying preloaded templates and it's happeneing on ALL thiose slides.

I submitted a case on this this AM, but am really under the gun, and need this settled PDQ.

Over the last few weeks I've had no similar issues - Presenter has worked fine up until today.

Any insight will be very gratefully received!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Pete,

Looks like Miker took your case and was hoping to check out your files. It's hard to say without seeing them, but you might want to try recreating one of the slides you're seeing the lines on in a new presentation, and then publishing to see if the original PowerPoint file might have become corrupted. 

Pete Flynn

I was finally able to trace the problem to the modified player template I was using. Once I switched to the generic multi-level, the problem stopped. I subsequently made some changes that didn't create any difficulties.

I can't imagine how the combination of choices I had made would create this problem, but it did.

Go figure . . .