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Sep 19, 2014


I happen to have stumbled upon this linkhttp://labskills.co.uk/a-level-labskills-trial/biology/index.htmland i'm really having a hard time trying to deciphar how you can customize :-

1. The player with the menu to be as such

2. How you can embed a calculator on the same.

3. How you can create such a flashy menu and still manage to link it to engage files and quiz from articulate.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Kevin Collins

I use SAP Business Object Dashboards to create Excel-based calculators. They are compiled into a single Flash file which can be inserted in Articulate products. See here...


Here I use Storyline in a very simple way as a staging area for a group of demo calculators.

Thanks for your link as I hadn't seen this LabSkills material before. But don't forget this wouldn't be usable on iOS - Apple still hates Flash.

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