Why can't I just put all the source files on Dropbox so that my other instructor and I can collaborate

It's a real pain creating a zip file "package" transferring content to my instructor, having him tweak a few things (while I wait), then having him package it back up and send it to me, having me open the package edit it, and then repeat the process again and again and again.

Wouldn't it must make more sense and a more pleasant user experience to allow people to collaborate on Presenter files without all this extra work?

Why not just let Articulate users specific directories for temp files, in dropbox or another sharing utility, have this "roaming directory..." or whatever it is that's preventing the userbase from readily collaborating on Presenter projects, have it stored on the dropbox.  Doesn't make sense that it should be this convoluted.  Unless, of course, I don't understand the situation.  so is there a quick and easy way to collaboarate on projects realtime? Just put everything in dropbox. Right?  Concurrent use isn't want I'm talking about okay, it's just a simple:  "Hey bob, work on this for 10 minutes, and let me know when you're done..." kind of thing. One person goes in, edits the files in dropbox and leaves allowing the other to do the same without all this packaging and transferring of content.

Is there an easy way to do this?

I hope I missed something.  Thanks everyone. I'd appreciate your tips on how you collaborate quickly and easily between developers and SMEs and others involved in content creation.

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Jim Powell

PS. I did post a similar question (but not mentioning dropbox) in a post two years ago, but back then there were no real solutions to this issue other than the tedious ones I mentioned of zipping transferring, unzipping, working, zipping, transferring and on and on...  hopefully there has been some progress on this issue since then. thanks everyone.

Scott Karren


I was in a similar boat having multiple projects being worked on by multiple developers and no easy way to share them effectively.  I used the steps in the below article to create a sync schedule that allowed me to make sure everyone was working on the most current project files. http://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/heres-an-easy-way-to-back-up-your-e-learning-project-files/ 

Hope this helps.


Marissa Carterud

Hi Jim,

I'm sure others will have input, but I'm on a project currently for a client where we both have Storyline 2. We use Google Drive. I grab templates for starting new courses and share the .story files on Google Drive where they can be edited or if final, uploaded to their LMS for deployment.

Your situation may be different.

For the project management site, they use Trello (https://trello.com/home) and this might be something you would be interested in. We use this for project communication to collaborate and share files so everyone can see what each other is doing on the project in real time.

I haven't really been involved yet in projects where there are multiple developers (more than 2) and if that's the case, I'm sure there are others in the community that can help.

Jim Powell

Thanks everyone... my biggest concern is the unknown unknowns... I've tried to improvise in the past on things I thought would work and they've blown up on me (i.e. losing video links that somehow no longer work)... anyway, I'm really paranoid about this these days.

I'm also glad to know that it's not just me that thinks that collaboration tools that work easily (so that people use them correctly and constantly) are a real help.


Jim Powell

Has anyone tried uninstalling presenter and then reinstalling it in the dropbox directory tree == again, trying to get all the temp files and roaming directories and what-not... in the same general area... I wonder if that would make a different.  I may give it a try with some non-critical files.