Why i am getting a pop-up "Project created by Adobe Captivate 5.5"

Hi All,

A newbie question –

Using Adobe Captivate 5.5, I have created a video (of course using AS 3.0). When I view this video in IE7.0, it looks perfect, But when I add this video to a PPT (I am having Engage 9.0) using Flash (not Web objects), over the video, I get a pop-up which says “Project created by Adobe Captivate 5.5). (Screenshot attached).

I know that Videos created using AS 3.0 are not directly supported by Engage and that we must use Web objects to use it. But, I believe in my particular case, this may not be the reason.

Can someone please assist me?

Your help is much appreciated!

Just in case someone is wondering why I can’t use the Web Object option – if I use Web objects, The movie can’t be controlled by the Articulate player and our company doesn’t want to me to insert Captivate player.

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