Why isn't my custom logo not displaying properly?

We published a course with Presenter v5 a year or so ago and our logo image fills the logo area all the way to the edge of the left sidebar. Now with Presenter Studio 09 the same logo image is publishing smaller in the logo area and there is background color showing around all sides of the image. 

Any idea how to get rid of the margin and keep the logo image filling up the logo area entirely?


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Chris Norton

Hey Bobbie -

Logos in the side panel are automatically resized to 244 pixels wide. Anything wider and the image will be scaled down to 244. You can use any height you like, but if your logo is too tall, it will push your menu sidebar items so far down you won't see them.

Also, you might need to verify your logo is saved to 96DPI. Here's a tech base article on that: