Will editing a PPTX break links with the PPTA? Articulate 2013

We need to send courses for edits to non-English versions. Our translators do not have Articulate, so we will be sending them the PPTX file, not the PPTA. When they send the PPTX back to us with their edits, will all of the assets from the PPTA still be synchronized.

Thanks for your help.


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Adrian Dean

Hi Tim,

There shouldn't be any issues, provided you keep the copy of your files linked on your end (same name and location). When the translator sends back the completed PowerPoint, just swap it out.

To be on the safe side, make sure that you have a backup of the file. Giving it a slightly different name would be best. You always want to be backing up and doing versioning when possible.

Always Happy to Help,


Ron Conforti

You have to make sure what Engage and/or Quizmaker files the PowerPoint is using.  The file associations seem to be different than with 09. The link below explains some of the details for me.


I noticed that once the Engage files were removed from the folder and the PowerPoint was modified, all of the Engage content was being pulled from the PPTA file.  After saving the PowerPoint, I put the Engage files back into the folder and found that they were not being updated when I edited the interactions from within PowerPoint.  Instead or re-associating the files as with 09, I think in 13 you need to create a new Engage and then pointy to the existing file in your folder.

The new functionality is simply different than before and you need to understand how it works.