Windows 2008 Server

We created self-running executable for a Presenter course using the CD option as a output. The course runs fine on systems using Windows XP; however we have a client who attempted to run it on a system running Windows 2008 Server. When they launch the .exe, they get an empty window.

So the questions is will Articulate Presenter exe run in this environment? And if so are there any configuration changes we need t o make?

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Stefano Posti

Hello Stephen,

Windows Server O.S by default has its internet browser set to the highest security level, and doesn't have the flash plugin installed.

So, though the Flash projector .exe file of your presentation does have the flash player embedded, I think they should try to upgrade their flash plugin in order to launch player.html with no issues.

Just tell your client to:

Open the browser and go to;

install the up-todate flash player plugin ;

set the local intranet security level to medium.

rightclick your presentation files on the Windows 2008 server and uncheck your security readonly attributes

retry opening your CD presentation...

everything should run ok!

hope it helps