Wipe goes REALLY fast

Jun 27, 2011

Basically, what I want is for three words to appear one at a time in a ring. The wheel animation doesn't seem to be supported by articulate, nor does by letter animation. So I made three arc SmartArt words, arranged them in a ring, and set them to wipe one by one so it appears like the words are slowly being revealed around the ring. Works great in powerpoint. When I preview the slide, the words wipe really quickly and there is a pause between words. I tried changing the timing, but even on slow, the animation speed doesn't change. To combat the pause between the words, I changed the timing from animation after previous to animate with previous, and then adjusted the timeline manually, but that didn't work either. It seems as though wipe won't let me adjust the timing settings at all (although direction works). What am I doing wrong?

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Kayla Burtch

I had this problem too. I found that to get my animation to wipe and take 10seconds, I had to make the animation wipe last for 37.5 seconds... the downside was that then the slide duration was 37.5 seconds with nothing happening.

I "solved" the problem by making the animation 37.5 seconds in a seperate powerpoint file. Publishing. Inserting that swf as a movie. Now that's definitely an annoying work-around, but it's the only thing I could get to work...

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