.wmv to .flv quality issues = Need Help

Hi All,

I have some .wmv files of a software demo that look great, but they were recorded at a  screen resolution that looks to be 1280x800  When I use the video encoder to convert them to .flv and size them down to fit within the area of a PPT slide they lose a lot of their quality.  I've tried different sizes, CBR vs. VBR, and different bit rates, but nothing seems work. 

Can anyone offer some suggestions on other avenues I can try?



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Brian Batt

Hi Kim,

Since you're scaling the video down, you'll definitely lose some of the quality by default.  However, you might want to take a look at converting your files to MP4 instead of FLV.  MP4 files tend to be higher in quality.  Articulate Video Encoder doesn't currently support publishing to MP4 files.  So, you'll need to find a program like Format Factory to do the conversion.