Word next to German double quotation mark disappears in HTML5


I created a German elearning with Articulate '13 and PowerPoint 2010.

In a note section of  a HTML5 output, a words next to German quotation mark disappears.

For example,

There written: Hello this is....“ in PowerPoint's note section.

But in the html output, the shown note is:  this is...

This happens everywhere I use a German quotation mark.

I searched in frame.js, but could not find anywhere the character that was missing in the note.

Hayashi, Takayuki

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surbhi nahta

I observed that my language pack was related with a console that gave this way of behaving rather than My desired way of behaving.

  1. In the base right of your screen (task bar) there is an image showing your language. For me it is German Language.
  2. Click on that, select 'Language Preference'
  3. Click on the language, pick 'Choices'
  4. Add the console you need, and erase the one you don't. I changed the Keyboard to 'US QWERTY' and presently I don't have 'dead' keys or anything they are called