workaround for playing music continuously across multiple slides?

Hi, any advice on how to achieve the following? Imagine an infographic. I am using this as an introduction to a course, and have split it up into 8 slides, one per main point addressed in the infographic. There is a slide transition on each slide so it looks like it is panning across, down, across the infographic. I have a narration for each slide, but want a musical soundtrack behind it running smoothly.  When I preview it, there is like a half second, but very noticeable, break in the music, for each slide. 

Any advice on how to eliminate that audio break?  I have attempted to put all images on one slide and moving them off and on with motion animation, but it's not as smooth. Maybe I just need to fine tune that option?

Am I missing something? Or am I attempting to do something that's not possible?

Appreciate your help!

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