Working Globally with Studio 09 (suggestions/help please?!)

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General Info:

I’ve been using AS09 for about 2 years and recently moved to a global pharma company. To be honest, I haven’t had any issues until now.


Our company is located in multiple locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. The training team is spread out in these locations as well. We are *trying* to collaboratively develop eLearning content but running into issues.


Someone in the UK will start a project locally on their PC and then transfer to our “global drive” which is essentially a network drive – this is our ONLY acceptable means of file sharing. Then someone in the US might pull that down from global and put it on their PC locally to work. Once finished they’ll send it back over to global.


As of right now, the most prominent:

1.       The relationships between the PowerPoint and Engage / Quizmaker files seem to break when we transfer. You then have to link them back together – this can be time consuming, especially when we have multiple interactions and quizzes within a course.

2.       The narration disappears. You open the course and it’s gone, although the length of the narration is recorded, which is very odd. Meaning – the narration was 1:43, that amount of time coincides with the page but there is no sound associated with it. I’ve already checked out this link and nothing there has worked:



How can we work globally and limit issues?

Have you any experience with a situation like this?


I would love feedback and suggestions, thanks!

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