Working with Articulate Presenter to make PowerPoint animations work

Hi All,

I have been using Articulate Presenter and would love know why the animations you create in PowerPoint, do not work the same when packaged into an Articulate file?

I wanted to have a puzzle I created with shapes in PowerPoint, to be able to have users to click on a shape, that would flip over using Animations in PowerPoint. This does work when using a PowerPoint presentation, but becomes static when packaged as an Articulate.

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

Could you tell us more about what is not working or what you've got set up? Are you using Presenter 09  or Presenter 13? What version of Powerpoint are you using? Are the animations not working when viewing the preview, the published version, all of the above? You'll first want to confirm that you're working on local project files as described here.  Also, can you check that you're viewing the published output within the intended environment as described here? 

Scott VanDeKeere

Okay why don't you just tell people to use the Sync Animations feature in the Articulate tab?  This is apparently a new feature for '13 so many of us are not familiar with it. 

Have to be honest, I'm a little disppointed since upgrading that I've had to search all over the forums for answers.  One of the selling points of Articulate in the past was the ability to get quick resolutions to issues.  It's just very frustrating and I don't have the time to do this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you've had in finding ways to do things in Studio 13. You may want to begin by reviewing the tutorials here and the kb articles here where any changes in behavior or known issues we've reported to our QA team have been shared.

Also, you can always post a new query here in the forums, or reach out to our Support team directly. 

I'm also not sure I'm clear on what you mean about the sync animations being new in Studio '13, as here is the information for how that would work in Studio 09. 

Please let us know if there is something specific that you're struggling with and we'll be happy to help. 

julia kirby

I wanted to warn everyone here that if you're creating shapes in power point and then  using articulate's sync animation, the preview may not look the same as it does as a published file.  Many times, articulate will not publish shapes (especially if you add effects, borders, etc.) you create in the presentation.  The way to work around this is to create your shape, then right click it and save it as a picture.  Then, delete the shame and insert the picture version.  

julia kirby

Great! How should I send them?

Thank you,

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