Would you like to resume your presentation where you left off?

When I publish my lesson to Web (not LMS) and then view the output, I get a resume popup box on a particular slide. The slide is a simple slide with just text, graphics, and animations. Nothing special. After this popup, the presentation freezes and stops working. I have already recreated the entire PPT thinking that it may have been corrupt, but that did not resolve the issue. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've spent the last two days trying to troubleshoot. Thanks!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Wendy and welcome to Heroes! I would suggest creating a screencast of your issue and submitting it as a case so we can take a closer look:


The resume prompt is simply asking you if you want to resume where you left off or not. That's not the application freezing. If you say yes, you start from where you left off and if you say no, you start over.

If you have customized your player template to not resume, make sure you are selecting that player template when you publish in the publish properties. Also, publish to a new location to make sure you are not viewing a cached version of the presentation.

Wendy B

Hi Justin,

Unfortunately, I cannot crete the screencast becuase my machine is locked down and I am unable to download the required Java.  The correct template is selected for publishing and I have published to a brand new folder, cleared out all broswer cookies/temp files, etc.

As far as the Resume prompt. I have been using Articulate for three years, and have never seen this display when publishing to Web. It doesn't pop up when I launch the presentation, it actually comes up right after Slide 11. The Engage presentation (Slide 12) that comes right after then displays, but I can't move past it. It freezes and won't move forward or back.

I have already submitted a case with Articulate support for this. But so far, the solutions provided have not helped.

Justin Wilcox

If this is happening on an Engage interaction, it means you probably have the resume feature enabled for the Engage interaction:


The solution would be to disable the resume feature in your interaction and republish.

Wendy B

Hello, I wanted to provide an update in case someone else encounters this.  I ended up recreating the PPT (importing the old slides into a new presentation). This took care of the graphics appearing in odd places or on the wrong slides. The Resume pop up was occuring with all my Engage and Quizmaker interactions, not just the one I orginally thought. To fix that, I removed all of the Engage and Quizmaker interactions and then added each one back one by one. Thanks to all those who provided troubleshooting ideas.