xAPI and Articulate Presenter 13

I have developed courseware that has been xAPI-enabled coming out of Articulate Presenter 13 - and we are uploading this to a LearnDash LMS that has Grassblade xAPI tools and the Grassblade LRS installed.

In using the xAPI statement viewer generated from my program, I get a whole lot of unintelligible statements that look like this:


Todd http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/experienced 'http://4UEW0kcLb2m_course_id/6HYqd9hhJbC'

Todd http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/experienced 'http://4UEW0kcLb2m_course_id/5botG6OApNJ'

Clearly, these are generated by the Articulate object, and the obscure reference numbers seem to relate to information in the TinCan manifest about the identification of the various screens (as slides).  Can someone tell me how to make these more intelligible for the LRS?  What I really want to do is have the LRS trap experience statements like "Todd experienced Screen 1"?  Do we need to provide a conversion table to Grassblade to help it understand the unusual coding?  Anyone else have experience with tweaking or handling the xAPI outputs from Articulate Presenter?

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