XtraNormal and AfterEffects Avitar green screen issue

Hi Anyone used these programs to produce an avitar and then put it into Articuate? I am having trouble getting rid of the green screen. I have all the insturctions, and actually did it once but now I can't get rid of the green screen after I go through the after effects and import into Articulate. Very frustrating.


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Rebecca Mac

I was using State and XtraNormal for the avatar, and the green screen issue did kind of resolve itself, meaning, after just processing it again a couple times it worked without any known reason.

In the end, however, the files were so big, it was causing a lot of problems in the Articulate presentation. If I used a lower resolution avatar, it was blurry. The ones that looked good were huge files. I started having pictures randomly drop out of the Articulate presentation for no reason and other strange things happen. When I finally deleted all but one of the avatars, I stopped having the problems.

This isn't a good answer, so I'm hoping to maybe I'll find another avatar program that works.