YouTube Videos in Presenter TIMING

I have embedded YouTube videos successfully in Presenter many times.

Now, and this is new, I CAN embed them, but when I publish, for example a One Minute YouTube video, the slide shows about 6 minutes. 

Example:  So at the beginning of the slide with the embedded video, it says 5:18/45:18.  The video plays for 1 minute.  And the next slide says 12:36/45:18.  So although the slide did not play for more than 1 minute, it jumped 6-8 minutes.  

WHAT CAN I DO?  I want the learner to see where they are in the total course.

And with a few videos, the course shows it be about 25 minutes longer than it is and I like for the learners to see where they are in the course.  

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Tom Kuhlmann

Generally, the slide's time is not controlled by the inserted video. For example, the default time for a slide is 5 seconds. When you insert a Youtube video, the slide should still be 5 seconds. 

If you go into the narration window, you can see the slide's timeline. What do you see in there for the timing of the slide?

Also, how did you insert the YT video? Did you use the embed code or a web object?

Audre Freire

Once you tell me how to change the time in the narration window, I have one other question.

The client does not want the learners to be able to advance until the slide is complete and there are alot of animations and narration.  So I remove the ability to drag the bar as well as the next button and add an arrow hyperlink in powerpoint.  I delay it for 59 seconds, because that's the longest delay added.

Is there another way to time the ability of the user to advance until the slide is complete?  Thank you so much.

Audre Freire

Sorry, to explain my above question about the arrow hyperlink I add.

Its not a problem with regular slides, I just have it appear after the slide is over as an animation.

BUT with videos, that's the problem.  Can I delay more than 59 seconds with those videos?  

Sorry to be a pain but your answer was so helpful.


Tom Kuhlmann

Misread part of the question. 

I can't recall the timing limitations of PPT. Let's say you needed to delay something for 5 minutes. And the limit was 30 seconds. You can add a 30 second animation to an object. Move it off screen. And then duplicate the object. Each object adds 30 seconds so you can make a delay as along as you want.


Audre Freire

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for the video.  I think that's exactly what I did with YouTube - I've definitely added YouTube videos before.  I also created a test ppt and embedded and some of them were as long as 10 minutes (in Articulate instead of 5 seconds,w hich I am used to).  Maybe my Articulate is corrupted or seomthing because yesterday I lost most of my narration which I've worked on for a long time.  I had to go back to an earlier verison of my presentation and then try to reconstruct the changes since then.

I saw that the ppt had about 84,000 KB and the PR file had about 210,000 KB.    Then in one minute opening and closing, PR file had 4,000 K B and no narration.  It was horrifying.  I didn't move anything, copy anything or do anything except open it to work on it.  I took a picture of my screen at that point because it was so weird and upsetting.

Re YouTube I made up a new 6 slilde presentation and tried every way to embed and kept getting many minutes for a 1 minute Youtube.  I'll follow your directions carefully and see if there's something I was doing wrong but I think what you showed is what I do.  In the worst case scenario, I'll delete minutes in Audio Editor.  Its weird.

I'm learning Storyline and look forward to stop using Presenter.  I spend SO much time fixing lost items due to glitches in Presenter.  

I'll try now and let you know if it works.

Yes, I remove the ability to drag the bar and remove next buttons.  And add the hyperlinks to every slide.  That's not a problem.  Its on the video slides - I want them to watch the whole video and adding the hyperlink 3.3 minutes in is difficutl, since ppt allows only a 59 second delay.  

I'll get back to you in a few.

Thanks again.



Audre Freire

OK I did the Web Object as you showed, using a different code (part of the embed code) not the link that I've used before.  And that worked. HOORAY  5 SECONDS

So what I'm missing is a way to set up the hyperlink animation to come on after the video so they have to watch the whole video.  I got it to come on in 59 seconds, which is better than nothing, and 2 of my videos are less than two minutes, so watching 1 minute is better than nothing, but a couple are 3 or 4 minutes.  I did try something with hiding the hyperlink under the video and having a few of them and that might have worked once but I can't remember exactly how I did it.

Your help is very very much appreciated.



Audre Freire

OMG I figured it out.  I have a YouTube video which lasts 1:47.

I put in two hyperlinks - they are the automatic ones at the bottom of "Shapes" in PPT.  The first one, I delayed for 59 sec.  And have it as "Start on Click," "Auto" and 59.00 Sec.  And then "sent to back" so you can't see it - its behind the video box.  The second one I have as "After Previous"  Auto and 40 Seconds.  That one will be apparent to the learners - after 1:39 seconds.

This causes the seek bar and the time of the slide to reflect the time of the video, which is actually not important to me, but if the person clicks on the video when it comes on to the slide, then they won't be able to advance until the video is over.  That is what IS important to me.  

I just copied these instructions so I'll remember them.  Thanks.  I hope this is helpful to you.  Its really helpful to me.