Zoom in on .flv video

Okay Heroes - here's one for you.

I have a Flash video that I am putting in an image of the screen of a laptop which is set back on in the screen.  After the subject starts talking, I want to I want to pull both the laptop and video forward so that the subject is bigger. 

 which then becomes: 

Of course it has to be continuous.  The video can't restart, the subject has to continue talking through the zoom.  Anyone have any ideas?  I have tried applying animation to the .flv to no avail.  I tried grouping it in a box.  Won't group.  I'm not sure it can be done, but I would really like to find out. 

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Dwayne Schamp

I did the attached file using Captivate 5 imported as a web object. The file contains

  • captivate 5 source
  • the FLV file
  • the published Captivate 5 files
  • Powerpoint file
  • and published final output

The captivate 5 file contains the FLV file at a smaller size that normal. Then using the Effects timeline with the Entrance>Zoom effect, it is increased from 100% (the initial size of the video on screen) to 150% (or whatever you want the new size to be).

The video plays continuously without restarting or pausing.

You can change skin to none in the Captivate file to remove the player bar that shows in the slide.

Hope this helps.

Bridget Brown


Thanks for the suggestion.  I am not having any luck making this work and have been trying for 2 days now.  My .flv file is not a captivate file, but a video of someone.  I have it in either .flv or .wmv.  I have tried creating an index.html file, before I embed, but that doesn't work and i have no clue if my code inside the html file is correct cause I'm not a programmer.

I'm also unclear by your description above as to how you got it to start one size and then zoom.  Not sure what I'm missing there, but any help you can give is greatly appreciated. 



Robert Kennedy


You can't really do this using Powerpoint or Presenter.  You are going to need to use Camtasia or ScreenFlow if on a Mac or another Video program to do this.  What you can do is:

1. Put your graphic and movie on a slide in Powerpoint Presenter

2. Preview it

3. Screen record the preview using Camtasia or something else.

4. Edit the movie in Camtasia (etc.) and add the zoom that you need.

**This will also allow you to export the audio track if you want so that you can then import that audio into Presenter.

5. Now you should be able to publish your movie to the necessary format with the zoom feature needed.

None of the Powerpoint effects are going to work on the movie file itself.

Hope this is helpful and not disappointing for you