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I have a problem that I hope the wonderful community here can help me with. I'm grappling with this issue:


I am using Articulate to publish content, but I want to use questions (and answer choices) that are over 250 characters. The problem in the KB article above spells out the problem: whenever there is a question (or question answer choice) over 250 characters, that question is ignored by our LMS. The question and its responses do NOT get recorded in the database, since nothing is sent by Articulate to it.

Aside from counting characters, *are there any other ways around this problem*?

I'm thinking about publishing  the quiz as a Word document, and building a custom application to parse the question text and choices. That way, the LMS can ignore that bit of the interaction. This solution, sadly, doesn't help the fact that learner response don't get recorded.

Has anyone come up with another solution for this problem? Has Articulate?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Edmund and welcome to Heroes! Since the character limit is imposed by the standard, there really isn't a simple way to do this. The best course of action would be to, as the article states, place some of the question in a standalone text box or simply reduce the question text to 250 characters.

If you publish the quiz for Word, it should be pretty easy to see what questions exceed the 250 character count in Microsoft Word.

Justin Wilcox

Not all LMS implementations adhere to character limits imposed by the spec that they are using. If we did limit that, we would then hear back from folks whose LMS uses the same standard but don't impose the character limit. So we could consider doing something in the future, but right now it's a bit of a damned if you do and damned if you don't and we opted for the don't.