Accessing Quiz Results (Quizmaker '09 to Quizmaker 360)


We are upgrading our website to use an HTML5 version of a quiz now that Flash is defunct. With the Flash version, we processed the quiz results and stored them in our own database (not leveraging with any e-learning software). The code that was implemented with the original quiz does not appear to work any more.


The webpage that the quiz redirects to when complete used the following request that does not appear to work any more:



Here is a snippit with more context:

// Process Results, split lines
$rCAlines = preg_split("/[\n]+/", $_REQUEST['QuizResults']);

// Split line 3 (real values)
$rCA = preg_split("/[\s,]+/", $rCAlines[3]);
$result = $rCA[0];
$score = $rCA[1];
$maxScore = $rCA[3];


What is the updated way / best practices to access quiz results now?

Thanks so much,

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