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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jane!

You can actually build a quiz right within Rise! You can choose from four different question types:

If you'd prefer to use the quiz you already created in Quizmaker '13, we'll have to get a little creative with inserting it into Rise.

  1. Open Storyline 360, and import the Quizmaker '13 quiz slides into Storyline. 
  2. Preview the entire quiz to be sure it's working correctly.
  3. Publish the Storyline content to Articulate 360
  4. Use a Storyline Block to embed the Storyline content in a Rise blocks lesson. 

Let me know if you have any more questions on that!

Britney Osbern

Hi Alyssa - 

There is a toolkit I'd like my learners to navigate to that lists steps in a process. WIthin the toolkit, there are "tips" listed for each step in a process.  I want to test whether or not participants have read the tips. 

The test question would be, "Given the 10 tips located in the toolkit, describe the tip you would like to apply moving forward" and then participants can type in a free-form text box and in their own words the tip they will apply. The tricky part is this - the learners aren't typing in a tip verbatim, their paraphrasing into their own words so there isn't just one right answer.  I would mark the answer complete if the learner populates an answer, no matter what the answer is. 

Is this a quiz type that I should create in Storyline and then import into Rise?  I'm using RISE to package the entire course, but not sure which tool I should create this type of assessment in.   

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Britney,

That's a great question! Since any answer the learner types would be correct, it sounds like you need to score based on completion. Is that right?

If you don't need to actually read the learner's responses, you could build this type of quiz in Storyline and embed it in Rise. However, quiz details aren't reported for Storyline blocks, so you wouldn't be able to see learner responses. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Britney,

Sounds like a survey question - short answer - would do the trick! If you create that in Storyline you could add that as a block into Rise.

Keep in mind, that the Storyline question data isn't passed to the LMS from Rise. So if that's important for your needs, you'll want to look at using the question types Alyssa mentioned in Rise or other methods for capturing learner's input that could be tracked outside of Rise. I know a few folks have embedded things like a Google form. 

Courtney Barry

Hi Ashley and Alyssa,

Does this still hold true for Storyline blocks (i.e. Quizmaker quiz embedded into Rise)? Just looking for an update as last post was a year ago and we are looking into this currently for quiz interactions. Our team needs to build out a quiz where the learner can retake the current question if they get it wrong prior to advancing to the next one and I don't believe Rise has that options for their quizzes.