Adding a preliminary question to a quiz


I have a quiz that is working great, but my client wants to have a question before the quiz is started to ensure that the user has read a particular text, and unless they say yes they will not have access to the rest of the quiz. So for example, beofre starting the quiz, the user is asked 'have you read the important codes document?' if they answer yes they proceed onto the quiz but if they say no, they get a message saying "you must read important doc". They will only be allowed to pass onto the quiz if they answer yes to the question.

I cannot seem to figure out how to do this, but I am pretty new to quizmaker, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it even possible?



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Phil Mayor

Hi Karina

I would simulate this in articulate prior to entering the quiz. 

I would have a question with two shapes one with yes other with no, add transparent hyperlinks to the quiz and a slide that says you must read the document before going further.  By setting brancing etc you can ensure they can go no further, of course the simple thing is to just say yes even if you havent read it