Adding images to Quizzmaker???

Jun 28, 2012

Hello all,

I'm building a scenario using Quizzmaker and I want to add some photographs of people.  So I was just using the "insert" tab in slide view, selecting the "pictures" option in the illustrations tray, and inserting my photos and images that way.

I run into an interesting problem though, invariably one of the photos does not show in the preview!  This happens on every slide - one photo does not show.  I try bringing it forward and that doesn't help.

As I was troubleshooting the problem, I saw that there is a media feature in the insert tray under form view, and I tried that to insert the missing picture.  Now the image shows, and I can reposition/size it all I want in slide view.  However it has a little magnifying glass on it and the viewer can click on the image and enlarge it.  None of the other images or pictures that I inserted in slide view have that functionality though, just the one I inserted under "media" in form view.  I'm attaching the image so you can see what I'm talking about.  I wonder if that will be confusing for the viewer? 

Have you all run into this problem of an image not showing in the preview (even though it shows on the slide itself), and how did you resolve that problem?  What's the difference in functionality between adding an  image through the form view using the media option on the insert tray, rather than the picture options of the illustrations tray under the insert tabe of slide view?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Barbara!

The main difference is that inserting a picture in Slide View gives you more formatting options, much like in PowerPoint. 

And I'm not sure why you would be experiencing disappearing images. Are you working from a local drive? Have any new anti-virus software installed? Does it happen if you re-create your quiz in a new file? 

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Thanks Peter,

yes I am working from my local or C drive.  Our IT department installs anti-virus software regularly on the network computers.  I haven't tried re-creating it in a new file.  The quizz is tied to a larger PPT presentation, so to recreate it, would i just recreate the quizz?  To do that, would I just copy/paste the content of it into a new Quizzmaker file?  I'm asking b/c I'm wondering about copying/pasting whatever's causing this into the new file.

Thank you, I really appreciate your thoughts on the matter, or anyone else's who would like to comment.

Best regards, Barbara

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