Adding quiz in presenter as webobject

Nov 19, 2012

Hi all,

I already inserteed in the past engage interaction saved as web object following indication of the screenr

I wuold like to know if it is possibile to do it as well for quizzes. I need to have slide master visibile in the background of my quizz. The slide master should be not only visibile even clickable as on it are page back and forward button. And leaving as it is now when quiz finish no problem to page forward, but I have problem to page backward.

Is there a way to do it? Or do you have some other ideas?  It is only one slide quiz (multiresponse).

Thanks everybody.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Silvia! Unfortunately there's not really a turn-key way to do what you have in mind, because as you noticed, when you insert a quiz into Presenter (even with a transparent quiz player), anything on the slide itself becomes unclickable. Inserting the quiz as a web object sort of works, but you probably noticed that when you do that, you need to resize the web object to make your on-slide player controls visible, and this causes scroll bars to appear on the quiz's bottom and right edges.

So, here's a workaround you might consider - however, please keep in mind this is an unsupported solution because it does involve manipulating the post-publish files.  

How-to screencast (sorry it's so long! )

Published output (this is a 3-slide example in which slide 2 is a quiz inserted as a web object)

Source files: Articulate Presenter package of the 3-slide course | Quizmaker output used as a web object

I hope that helps!

Silvia Vantusso

Great! Thanks Jeannete. It works.

I just have a last question. When the learner answers the quizz question it appear the feedback window with the finish button. This button unfortunately doesn't do anything clicking on it. Did I forgot something in the parameters of the quizz itself?

I unchecked the resume on quiz restart, but did I forget something else?


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Silvia, yes that's unfortunately one of the down sides of incorporating a quiz in this manner - since the web object treats the quiz as a completely separate item, the Finish button really can't communicate with the course and send the learner on to the next slide.

However, here's something that I think will work: there is an unsupported way of removing the Finish button in Quizmaker, but it only works if the Finish button appears on a Result Slide (rather than a feedback popup as you're using). Since you mentioned your quiz only has one question, you could turn off the regular popup feedback, and use the Pass/Fail Result slides instead to display your feedback. (And of course you can customize the result slides in Slide View and make them look however you want. If there are any items you don't want to include on the result slide, just open the timeline and turn their visibility off, and they won't appear.) On the result slides, insert the swf that Dave Moxon shares in this blog post. This will remove the Finish button from the result slide and then the learner will know to just use the on-slide navigation controls to move forward or backward.

Here is a walk-through of the steps:

 ...and I updated the published sample I shared earlier so that it no longer contains the Finish button on the quiz. I hope that helps!

Silvia Vantusso

Hi jeannete,

I have a new problem with this quiz. As you remember I inserted a only one question quiz as web object in presenter. The client checked the course and want that the course blocks until the quiz isn't answered. 

At the moment, having inserted it as web object, the learner can go forward without answering and as you explained it to me " the web object treats the quiz as a completely separate item, the Finish button really can't communicate with the course and send the learner on to the next slide." 

Is there a way to manage a multiple response question in this way? Even creating a custom slide without using quizmaker?

Thanks a lot for any help you can give me.


Jeanette Brooks

Hello Silvia,

Yes, unfortunately when the quiz is inserted as a web object. there's no way to create a "gate" that requires the learner to stay on the slide till they complete the question. The web object is indeed independent of the course, so it's not possible for the course to know whether the learner has answered or not.  

If you want to require learners to stay on the slide till they've answered, you'd need to insert the quiz in the usual way (via the Articulate menu, rather than as a web object). Which of course interferes with your other desire to have the on-slide controls visible at the bottom. What I would suggest in your situation is this: create a transparent quiz player template and use a PowerPoint slide master that looks similar to the other slides you're using, except without the on-slide navigation controls. If you want to post a sample of the slide design you're working with, perhaps we can give you some suggestions for designing a matching slide for your quiz which allows you to maintain visual consistency but still take advantage of the quiz player controls.

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