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Mar 18, 2013

In my company, there are two types of employees (let's call them Partners and Others).

Everyone gets 9 quiz questions, but Partners need an additional 10th question.

I can branch a True/False to ask "are you a partner?". Yes - goes to the last question and No goes to Finish Quiz and show the results slide.

My question is on changing the Feedback prompt on the "are you a partner" question. When Partners choose Yes, is says "Correct" and when Others choose "No", it says "Incorrect".  (I have altered the feedback main text for partners to say "you'll have to answer another question" and the Others to say "thanks for finishing the quiz".

Is there a way to change the Feedback title text?


does anyone have a different way of including an additional question just for one group of people, without having to publish two versions.

thanks, Angela

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Angela,

If I'm thinking of the right prompts, you should be able to adjust the titles that are showing in the Quizmaker text labels. You can find these by clicking on "Player Templates", "Edit" and "Text Labels". If you scroll down to lines 15 and 16, you should be able to modify the titles to whatever you wish. 

It should look something like this:

(Note: If the image above is too small, you should be able to click on the image to see a larger version.)

I hope this helps!


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