ADS, IIS and presenter

I am in a major pickle. The clients wants me to print a custom certificate at the end of the module, the certificate will have an image as background (I believe this can be handled by editing report.html)

The main problem are below.

1. The login is not a part of our module - so i need to fetch that data from session on IIS

2. He wants me to give him both print and save options for the final certificate.

All the final fields that I need to populate the certificate with are

1. Name 2. Department 3. Employee Code 4. Date of test 5. Marks obtained.

So essentailly I need to fetch data from either a DB or sessions and populate the custom certificate, then give options to print and save in the final certificate itself.

I hope I am clear.

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Bipin Gaur

Thank you Brian for your reply,

I have individually gone through both the screencast and php example and made them work. example is more of what I want to achieve, what I could not figure out was how to send the score data (the data generated in articulate presenter ) to the php file.

I am struggling to make it clear to you, but essentially what I want is a custom certificate with someo f the data being passed on by quiz and some from server.

Brian Batt

Hi Bipin,

Both of those examples could be combined to create the custom certificate that you need.  In the blog example, they're using a separate PHP form that asks for data that populates the certificate.  In my example, I'm just modifying the report.html file to make it look like a custom certificate.  I would recommend using the report.html workaround and then use a query to bring in other data from your server.