Allow a user to allow a quiz more than once

Hi there.

Pls help me to set up quizmaker so that the learner can attempt a questions more than once if he gets it wrong. I created a quiz in quizmaker, it has a couple of videos and a couple of questions. So if the person gets the questiosn wrong, then i want him to attempt the applicable question again, not the entire quiz. My setting under quiz properties>question defaults>attempts permitted is set at unlimited. When i test it, the feedback box only has a button to go to the next question, meaning that it doesnt even give me an option to retry the question. Pls help!! Thanks, De Wet Neethling

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Helene Caura

Well I have the following pb, similar to yours:

  • users can't retake the quiz, although it says from Presenter that it is set to unlimited attempts.
  • my question inside Quiz maker is set to 1 attempt only because if I set it to unlimited attempts then my branching doesn't work, it recognises the correct answer and branches correctly to the corresponding blank slide but the incorrect answer doesn't work, nothing happens.

I'm confused here between the setting of attempts in Presenter (from the Quizmaker slide you see in Presenter) and the setting of attempts inside Quiz Maker.

Does someone have this pb of branching not working with unlimited attempts?


De Wet  Neethling

Hi there

Dunno if you've tried this already, but immediately I think of the slide properties in presenter that you can change to make your branching work like it should.

Are you  running the quiz in an LMS? Remember that there are also settings there that you might have to change to allow the person to retake the entire quiz.

Im not sure if I understand correctly what you are trying to achieve, so sorry if this is not going to help you.

Good luck!

Helene Caura

Thank you De Wet Neethling!

What do you have in mind when you talk about the slide properties for the branching? I followed the tutorials on this website and I think I got all the options covered... but there is always a box to tick or untick that I may have overlooked

No I run the file outside of the LMS first, then my client will test in in its LMS environment.



Helene Caura

Hey this is very interesting... But it only works when the feedback is outside the Quizmaker. Currently I have a flow that I'm not sure I can do outside Quizmaker easily:

1. Question

2. If wrong, I got a hint feedback on a blank slide

3. On clicking Next it goes to a new question slide with the same question as in 1) but without the audio this time and a slightly different instruction.

4. If wrong again it goes to a blank slide in quizmaker always.

5. If right at 1 or a 3 it goes to a blank slide in QM.

So I'm going to try to have the blank slide in Presenter then instead of in QM, but then I need to create a new quiz for the try again part. A bit more work and maintenance but doable... Still I wonder why it doesn't work like it should in QM for the incorrect feedback... Anyway, thanks De Wt Neethling, inspiring video and I discovered others on YouTube.



Helene Caura

Snifff doesn't work... The properties of the Quiz Maker slide maybe work only if we use the Finish button (users have to click the Finish button in the report screen).

What I want is working well the only problem is that the user can't take the quiz again.

I want the following flow:

  1. Question (any type).
  2. Feedback correct or incorrect in a blank slide or a slide in Presenter doesn't matter.
  3. If I click Previous I start at slide 1 again, from fresh.

No pop-up window saying "you fail" or "you pass". Just the branching, all the feedback is provided in the slides. No scoring.

Sometimes I had a try again with a copy of the question and new blank slides for the solution and it works fine too. The only problem is that they can't try again. If I set up the question to unlimited then the branching is blocked.

Now what I have if I set the feedback in Presenter and keep only a question in QM is the same: on click on Submit nothing happens if it is set to unlimited.

Me going to bed, maybe tmr an illumination will happen.