An ungraded pre-assessment quiz

Sep 21, 2011

I am creating a pre-assessment quiz that I don't want scored.  I just want the quiz to show as completed.  What I did was create a quiz that has a passing score of 1% and points awarded are 100.  Then for each question, I awarded 100 points for the correct answer and 100 points for an incorrect answer. At the time I publish, I set the report status to Complete/Failed.  When the quiz is completed, the score comes back as "Completed" 100%.  This is working perfectly unless I have a Sequence Drag and Drop question in the quiz.  For some reason, if that sequencing question is wrong, the score comes back as "Completed" 96%.  It is still taking points off for missing that question, even though I have given both the correct and incorrect answer options - 100 points.  Do you know of a way that I can get this to not deduct points from that 100% score?

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