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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Jason. Thanks for reaching out about a partial credit setting in Quizmaker and Storyline!

I’d love to share your insight with our team: would you mind sharing why this setting would come in handy for you, and what scenario you would use it in? Can I also confirm what versions of Quizmaker and Storyline you're using? I want to make sure I attach this discussion to the corresponding reports.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and I'll be standing by!

Jason Arends

Sorry for the tardy reply.

If I had partial credit options in Rise, Storyline 360, and/or quizmaker 360, I would use it to more accurately assess the knowledge level/retention of my pupils.

If a learner only picks 4 of the 8 correct answers on  a "choose all that apply" type question, do they really possess zero knowledge of the question's subject matter?

How accurate is my aggregated assessment data if the learners who picked 3 of 8 correctly score exactly the same number of points as the learners who picked 7 of 8...or none of 8? 

As things stand now, they're indistinguishable.