Articulate 360 Quiz inside training - doesn't go to next slide

Hopefully, someone can put me on the correct path on where to look/fix this.

The training was done in Articulate 360 and inside of it are quizzes at various points. 

When I loaded it into our LMS - it works great up until the first quiz.   After you finish the questions (and press the finish button) - it takes you out of the training.

The person who designed this for me is fairly new to the software  - so this could just be a problem of a setting not being set.  (Most of her previous work - she just put on the 360 platform).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


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Suzanne N

Hi all -

Thanks for the responses.

In our learning management system, when I click finish on the quiz - it comes to a screen - the content has ended.  You may close this window.    

Since there are other issues with the training (content (readability, images, etc.) , not functionality) - she has to work with a local counterpart (much more familiar with Articulate0 to fix things.

I think this issue will be resolved when they meet

Thanks again -