Articulate and Moodle SCORM information intermittant error

Good Morning E-Learning Heroes!

We have just commenced using the Articulate E-Learning Studio (love the products!) at my organisation and have a couple of modules based around some compliance information for our team members to currently undertake as part of their continuing professional development.

We have been encountering an issue where SCORMs created in Articulate intermittently don't seem to be passing on completion to Moodle (our LMS).

Two people may do the same SCORM module and complete the assessment successfully (which instructs the SCORM to mark the module as complete.) but only one of them comes back as being complete even though they have both successfully passed the assessment.  I.e. one records as expected and one doesn’t complete.

We have logged in to as the individual to confirm they have passed the assessment and viewed all of the relevant screens, but when we exit out of the module it still won’t recognize the completion even though all prerequisites have been met.

Has anyone encountered anything similar?  Any ideas what may be causing the issue?

Extremely appreciative of any advice





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Matt Blackstock

OK, now I'm a little more confused...

I ran the patch, created my SCORMS and tested them by commencing them, exiting out half way through, and then logging back in two days later to complete them.

In all four test situations it recorded the asssesment result properly, and passed back the staus 'complete'.

I thought "Great! problem fixed" and unleashed my module onto my staff.

Now I am starting to get people having the original problem as outlined at the start of this thread.

Anyone have any further ideas?



Justin Wilcox

Hi Matt. I would suggest getting with someone who is having an issue and watching them take the course and see if you can see what they are doing that might be causing the issue.

It's also important to provide specific instructions on how to exit a course. Some people don't exit courses properly or just leave it open forever and moodle might time them out. You should make sure that you include instructions for the end-user that they need to close the browser window when they exit the course. Since you can't duplicate the problem, I'm guessing the issue is simple user error.