Articulate Crash


I have a lot of issue using and installing Articulate and all these component on windows 7

First time i tried to install it, I had got the issue with the installlicense.exe, I tried to resolve it but it didn't work so I reinstalled the computer with all windows update and office suite 2010

The installation of articulate went well, but every time i launch an articulate's component, it crash...

I ve got an error message "presenter/quizzmaker ceased to function"

I tried the compatibility mode but it didn't work.


PS : Sorry for mistakes my english is not really perfect...

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Peter Anderson

Hi Yannick, welcome to Heroes!

Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. What version of Office 2010 did you install? Articulate Presenter is not compatible with the 64-bit version. You may also want to review this article to help resolve the strange behavior. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues. Thanks!

Yannick Gassin

Hi and thanks !

I have already read this article and i have already try everything describe in it.

I have 3 computers with XP install on it and Articulate works perfectly !!!

But computers with 7 on it  i have the same issue....

Is that possible that the problem come from the pack language ?

Because my computers were install with the french language

EDIT : the office version is the 32 bit version

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Steven!

If Engage and / or Quizmaker crashes on launch of the program, it could be caused by an issue with your Regional and Language Settings on your computer. You might be affected by this if Engage or Quzmaker crashes directly after the Articulate splash screen appears. 

To correct the problem you need to reset your Regional and Language Settings. Here's how.  

In addition, it’s not uncommon for file corruption to occur when working with a new or old installation of applications. If you find that your Engage and Quizmaker '09 application is producing random errors or is “crashing”, a simple and quick fix to try and correct this can be found in this article.

And please feel free to contact our support team if you'd like more help. Thanks, and welcome again!