Articulate Presenter using Quizmaker for SuccessFactors - Can't move past quiz

Hi All,

I 'm using Ariticulate Presenter with a 1 question quiz  using Quizmaker.  To be able to report on the response, I've published SCORM 2004 4 edition to SuccessFactors.  For some employees, when they click Submit on the quiz, it won't move to the next slide, it's stuck. 

Have others had this same issue?  If so, how was it resolved?  



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jennifer!

Sorry you're running into this snag! Are all of your employees seeing the same behavior with the quiz in SuccessFactors?

If not, I'd be interested to know if they're using different browsers. If all of your employees see the same behavior, then I'd recommend first testing the course in SCORM cloud. You can read more about troubleshooting your LMS with SCORM cloud here.

If this course works as expected in SCORM cloud, the next step is to contact your LMS admin to see what would be causing users to not move on past the quiz.

Please keep us updated in this discussion!