Articulate Quiz Maker Blank Results Email

I had published a quiz a couple of years ago in Studio '09 for a client with no LMS and so used the email results option. All worked fine.  I was asked to modify the quiz earlier this year and added two more questions.  The client has just come back saying the emails are blank.

I looked up possible causes on the forum and found a post warning that more that 12 questions on a quiz could generate this problem.  I have just run a test and reduced the number of questions to 9 but the client is still getting blank emails. I have checked and they haven't changed their email server since the last quiz was succesfully hosted.

I have posted a copy of the test if anyone could have a look for me?

Many thanks



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeremy -- Thanks for reaching out and may I ask if you have taken a look at this information?

Blank email results when answer choice contains an apostrophe

You may find that the email results feature produces a blank email if one or more answer choices in your quiz include an apostrophe (').

This issue was addressed in Update 7 for Articulate Studio ’09. You can download the latest update here.

After updating your software, you will need to republish your quiz, and, if your quiz is embedded in a presentation, you will need to republish the presentation as well.

Jeremy Miles

Hi Christie

Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the delay in responding.

I have done what you suggested and uploaded Update 7 in case my blank results email was the result of inclusion of apostrophes but I'm still getting the same result. I've attached a sample publication and wonder if you could rum this file to see if you get the same issues.  The client is beginning to get a bit frustrated, particularly as the old version was working fine for them.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeremy!

When you click the button to email your quiz results, you may find that nothing happens or possibly a blank email with no information is sent.

Quizmaker relies on client-side mail programs, such as Outlook, to send email results. Tighter security restrictions in modern browsers, operating systems, anti-virus programs, and anti-spam programs can interfere with this process. Also, some mail applications, such as Lotus Notes and Groupwise, do not allow JavaScripts or HTML submits, which means the email results feature will not work with these programs.

For reliable and secure tracking of quiz results across a majority of platforms, Articulate recommends implementing a SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC compliant Learning Management System or Articulate Online. Feel free to test drive a 30 day free trial of Articulate Online.

Jeremy Miles

Thanks Leslie

I checked with the client and they have not changed their mail application or any server configuration since they last were able to successfully publish my previous version of the Quizmaker file. I have now tried all recommended suggestions - reducing the number of questions to under 12, checking for the presence of apostrophes and updating to a newer release of Studio'09 to no avail. I'm at a loss to understand what is going wrong.

If I sent you the programme files, would you be able to publish and check if you could replicate the problem? That would then narrow down the cause to either a programme error or the client's server configuration.

Kind regards