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I have created a 20 question quiz in articulate quizmaker 09 and have tried to import that into Storyline; which has worked in the recent past.  However, this quiz, works as it should when I preview it (has a finish button and a print button and allows the user to retry the quiz since I set the quiz to unlimited) BUT when I publish it to Storyline, I lose the print and finish button and also the ability to retake the quiz is lost.

Why is this happening?  I have 12 orders for this course and NEED this to work ASAP! Any advice or guidance or assistance would be useful.



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Kathleen Federici

The course shows correct and incorrect even though it is not checked. And wont let the user retake the quiz.  The answers remain even if you come in and out of the course.  I have the course set to unlimited.  These are the setting I have for the quiz.

This is an error message that I get ONLY when I upload the course scorm zip package with the quizmaker 09 in the storyline course.  I have compared quizzes in courses that I have created previously to this quiz and I cannot find any difference.  Please see the attached and help me to figure out why this quiz will not work properly and will not allow folks to retake the quiz.

Kathleen Federici

Yes, yes I am.

As you can see, not to show correct and incorrect responses is not checked, and it does show correct incorrect after the first time the quiz is completed when published.  The quiz is set to unlimited and yet, there is no possible way for the user to retake the quiz.  The first round answers wont go away and the correct ones are displayed.  Could it be at all possible, that either quizmaker got corrupted somehow....or my latest version of Storyline is not allowing quizmaker to work properly?  I seriously need someone to either call me or support me with this issue as I have 2000.00 worth of orders for this course and cannot get the end of course quiz to work which is a requirement for the course to offer CEUs.  Is there a live customer service that I can speak with?