Articulate Quizmaker 13?


I  am looking for a solution to a problem and am hoping someone can assist. I am trying to create a drag and drop quiz in Articulate Quizmaker 13. I have a picture of a sailboat mainsail (pdf) and I would like students to correctly identify each part of the mainsail by dragging and dropping the correct letter (A, B, C, etc) into a red circle associated with each part of the mainsail. E.g. A = Head, B = Batten, C = Boom Topping Lift, etc. So, from the listing of names (A = Head), they would drag and drop the letter "A" or “A = Head” into the red circle associated with the Head of the sail. I have 14 separate items to match.
Is this possible with Articulate Quizmaker 13?? If so, how difficult would it be to do? I am somewhat new to e-Learning and Quizmaker as I am trying to complete a school assignment.

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