Articulate Quizmaker Drop Down Question

I would like to create a question with three possible options for a drop down question.  One of the drop down options will be used more than once and one option may not be used at all.  Is there a way to do this?  So far all I can see is you must use all options at least once and the only options you can see in the drop down choices are what are used as the matches.

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Tyler Bradick


When using Quizmaker the drop-down match question type does require that you have a match for each item in order for the question to be graded correctly. Additionally, if you do insert an option in the left column without a match in the right column when you go to preview the question it will not load.

I'm sure there are a lot of users who would find this specific kind of option for quizzes to be useful, so it looks like a great opportunity for a Feature Request!

Thanks for letting Articulate know what you would like to see in their product!