Articulate Quizmaker export formats and bulk export

I have 700 quiz made with Quizmaker 13 and they all need to be upgraded due to changes in various regulations.

So I need to send a document to the end users so they can see all questions in each quiz, and annotate the document with all their change requests.

Beside the Word export format, what are the other export formats available in Quizmaker?

For instance, I investigate by myself and discover that the .quiz files are in fact ZIP files. But files inside it are mostly binary files, and I cannot use them to automate the process.

If the only choice is Word, how can I automate the process of exporting these 700 quiz as 700 Word documents.

For instance, do you provide some kind of command line interface I could use to launch all the exports using a command file?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Eric,

Your options for publishing in Quizmaker are limited to what's listed in the publishing window here. 


Unfortunately we don't have a way to bulk or batch publish projects at this time.  I can understand the value in that feature, and we'd love it if you could submit a feature request to our product development team for review!